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Workplace mentorship and why it builds great organisations

Starting an entirely new job usually requires you to learn from more experienced co-workers. Even if you’ve had training beforehand, there’s often a world of difference between preparing to do a job in theory, and actually carrying it out in practice.

Video: Keeping trade moving revisited

Last October our in-house lawyer training day sought to address the question of how can we keep trade moving? We looked at issues such as: the speed of change, Brexit, collaboration and the changing customer.

COVID-19: Where now for employment tribunals?

Recent reforms to the Employment Tribunal system and a move towards virtual hearings are intended to boost hearing capacity and access to justice. We consider the developments to the pre-existing approach and what this means for employers. Justice in slow motion?


..and wins landmark ruling in US case against Du Pont

Russell Jones & Walker has won a victory on behalf of clients whose babies were born without eyes, which is allowing them to have their case heard in the US. Alan Care, a litigation executive at Russell Jones, believes the decision could be a watershed judgment for foreign claimants seeking compensation in the US. The […]

John Southworth

Ryan Dunleavy talks to John Southworth, a man who is making the unusual move from in-house to join a law firm as head of Nabarro Nathanson’s upstream oil and gas team John Southworth is a man who does not follow convention. This week he leaves Marathon Oil and Gas as its legal manager to head […]

Bridging the transatlantic data divide

Simon Rendell, head of IT law, Osbourne Clarke Simon Charlton, IT law consultant, Bird & Bird Mike Pullen, euro law specialist, Dibb Lupton Alsop The EU and the US are currently in protracted discussions about the future of data protection. While Europe wants tight regulatory controls on how personal data can be passed between companies […]

Camerons' alliance strategy shaken by Danish takeover

One of Cameron McKenna’s alliance partners, Schluter & Hald, has merged with a firm from a rival alliance, leaving a question mark over the future of the firm’s foreign network arrangements. The move comes just a month after Camerons launched its alliance, CMS. The firm’s Danish partner has merged with Copenhagen firm Dragsted & Helmer […]

Jury trial safeguards must be kept

Vicki Chapman explains why plans to remove defendants’ rights to choose jury trial are both unjust and impractical. The Home Secretary has announced plans to remove the right of defendants to choose jury trial for a range of “either-way” offences. He has suggested the majority of defendants who elect Crown Court trial intend to plead […]

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