Brochure girls fight back

As a solicitor who also has experience of legal practice management (including some marketing) I read the comments made by David MacKenzie, director of sales and marketing at Michael Page ( The Lawyer 17 May, page 14) with disbelief. Has he heard of the Sex Discrimination Act?

I recently met a male manager with less experience and qualifications than myself, who told me he found a legal managerial job quickly and easily through one of the main legal agencies. However, when I phoned this agency, they assured me they had nothing suitable.

Male consultants from other agencies have been very patronising. One such consultant told me how lucky women were – they didn't need to look for jobs as urgently as men.

Most agencies are not like this. However, David MacKenzie's statement confirmed my suspicions that many employers rely on agencies to do their discriminatory work. To judge from David MacKenzie's attitude, some agencies are happy to.

Claire Jones (not a "girl who does brochures", not a "chap", but MA (Oxon), MBA)