Web Week

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A ploy named Sue

If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like if women wrote all the laws, or why there are so few female litigation bloggers, then Sue Magazine (www.suemagazine.com) is the thing for you.

The bi-monthly US magazine has launched this month, billing itself as a magazine for women in litigation. We think they mean the lawyers, not the defendants.

The creator of the mag, Cherie Estrin, says on the website: “Our belief is that there is a glass ceiling. However, it’s probably time for women to stop staring at the glass ceiling and start getting off the sticky floor.”

Now there’s an image that sticks in the mind.

Sunny’s Jim lad

Very few in-house counsel muster the time and ­energy to keep a blog. But Sun Microsystems general counsel Mike Dillon (http://blogs.sun.com/
dillon) somehow manages.

Recently he described a meeting with a new hire who had worked at “two prestigious UK law firms”. The unusual thing was that the meeting took place on National Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Dillon writes:
“Toward the end of our ­conversation, I asked how Sun compared to other places he had worked. He paused, and then in a thoughtful and deliberate response (complete with British accent) replied: ‘I’ve observed that Sun has a culture that is very different from other places where I have worked.’

“Now mind you, at the time he spoke these words, he was fully ­outfitted as a pirate and sitting in a booth in a busy cafeteria. Across the table from him, I was similarly attired ­(including wig, earring and sword). I laughed about it the entire day.”