Piste, cover and understanding

Tulkinghorn happened to catch up with one of Leboeuf Lamb Greene &MacRae’s latest recruits last Tuesday (30 January) in the shape of former Dewey Ballantine capital markets star Camille Abousleiman.

Amid talk of Lebanese privatisations and Egyptian bond issues, Tulkinghorn was astonished to learn that the networker extraordinaire also somehow manages to slot in an occasional spot of skiing. And not just any old skiing, but nothing less than seriously off-piste helicopter skiing.

So Camille, this one is for you.

The following day Tulkinghorn’s favourite press release of the year so far landed on his desk. It had everything – global warming, fatalities and… er… snowboarders.

It was all thanks to one Stephen Mason, a man who will never forget where he works, as he’s a partner at “law firm Stephen Mason”.

Mason was trumpeting the considerable dangers of off-piste skiing and the avalanche-related risks faced by thrill-seekers who might find themselves without insurance cover. Oh yes, and he has a book out.

“Holidaymakers shouldn’t assume their insurance company will pick up the pieces,” warns Mason. “You need to take the time to check the policy wording.”

Camille, you have been warned.