Law Commission courts public with online launch

The Law Commission has kicked off its tenth public consultation into legal reforms through the launch of an web forum.

The site, which went live yesterday (6 February), was set up to enable a wider range of people to contribute to the consultation that would not have been able to participate through traditional means such as canvassing.

The forum, which is in a web-chat-style discussion forum, can be accessed by any member of the public and other interested parties so they can thrash out which areas of law they feel need to be reformed and the possible ways of going about this.

Sir Terence Etherton, the Law Commission chair, said that the independent body, founded in 1965, is trying to improve people’s lives by making the law more up-to-date and fair and are keen to identify projects which will be of real public benefit.

“This forum will facilitate debate and discussion on law reform in a user-friendly and accessible way thus enhancing the consultation process,” he added.

The new forum can be accessed at