Firms also tempted by two birds

The legal world is slowly coming to terms with women in the workplace. Inevitably, however, it’s not the City trailblazing a path here.

The MacMillan Cancer Support in-house team has found one way to keep women in top jobs – job-sharing. The role as head of secretariat has been split between solicitors Emma Moscrop and Victoria Benson.

By making the position a job-sharing role, it meant the charity could keep hold of Moscrop’s talent after she fell into the family way, but also diversify its skills base by taking on Benson.

One Scottish local authority, South Lanarkshire, has gone one step further and actively seeks out lawyers happy to carve up their workload: it has seven job-sharers in its legal team.

The notion has even seeped into the conscience of some City firms, including Norton Rose, which is touting the idea that job shares could be the way of getting more women up to partner level.