Easy cheesy

You can tell a lot about an individual or organisation by their business card. Ashurst‘s use of different coloured fonts and complete aversion to capital letters perhaps suggest quirkiness and subversiveness. DLA Piper‘s single curved edge hints at thinking outside the box – we think. It’s either that or a hint that they’re not all there.

Meanwhile, Iain Rodger, former scourge of the press while at Allen & Overy, has dispensed with the plain vanilla format of his former employer’s cards in favour of a trendier-than-thou effortcomplete with artsy flower-with-revolver motif (no, Tulkinghorn didn’t get it either. He thought Guns n’ Roses had disbanded).

But the ne plus ultra of business cards belongs to none other than Stelios ‘easyJet’ Haji-Ioannou. His simply says ‘Stelios – serial entrepreneur’.

Tulkinghorn will immediately place his order for ‘Tulkinghorn – flâneur, bon viveur and scribe’, but would be delighted to hear from anyone who believes they can beat Stelios.