KLegal joins KPMG for IP do-it-all dept LCD pressure group proposal set to create higher workloads

KLegal is teaming up with accountancy parent KPMG to launch a multidisciplinary intellectual property (IP) group.

Together they will pitch for work under the banner of KPMG Intellectual Property Services (KIPS).

The team has been set up to help clients get maximum value from their IP portfolios by giving advice on creation, acquisition, exploitation and protection of the IP right.

KLegal IP partner James Hodgson says: “Managing an IP portfolio requires input from a wide range of disciplines, including tax, assurance, consulting, forensic and legal.

“The pitching works in two ways: either we get involved through KPMG… or sometimes we'll ask KIPS to pitch to one of our clients.”

He gives an example of clients who want their IP portfolio valued as part of tax-planning projects. KLegal works with the client in identifying the relevant IP, and then works with tax and valuation teams from KIPS to do the full service.