It's virtually gorgonzola

The internet. It's revolutionary, isn't it? Now that might not sound like a groundbreaking statement, but until today, Tulkinghorn has never been entirely sure of the revolutionary concepts enshrined in the world weird web.

But thanks to Allen & Overy's Newchange (its answer to the online deal room craze that has swept the City) the answer is now clear. In its explanatory notes, a Q&A poses the question: What is so revolutionary about it? Well, in an answer worthy of Private Eye's Pseud's corner: "At the moment most legal documents are intricately engineered pieces of kit – like a Swiss Watch – where the concepts, ideas and mechanical aspects are closely inter-linked – like the veins in a blue cheese."

Well, that's set us all straight then. The internet is like a fine gorgonzola, or should that be stilton? And what about roquefort? Or is it just like mould on the skin of a rancid chedder? Tulkinghorn is still no clearer on what these online deal rooms actually do, but is now feeling a little peckish.