Tulkinghorn is obliged to issue the most heartfelt apologies to Neil Murray, head of banking at Travers Smith Braithwaite, for underestimating the musical pedigree of his band, The Hamptons. Last week, Tulkinghorn took a wholly unnecessary swipe at Murray (he was the one with the Simon Le Bon flick) for shamelessly using Tulkinghorn's search for the leading corporate song just to get a plug for his band's latest album (as well as carping at the dubious quality of The Hamptons' timeless classic She Couldn't Make the Stretch Marks Tan). Tulkinghorn has since been set straight. Readers have called in their droves (well one, actually) to inform Tulkinghorn that The Hamptons' guitarist Doug Scarratt (left) is practically royalty. Yes, Scarratt is in fact the guitarist of that world-renowned rock band, Saxon. The band, whose singles have included Wheels of Steel, Denim and Leather and Strong Arm of the Law may better be remembered by its original name, Son of a Bitch. Then again, maybe not.