Model ­building

Dewey & LeBoeuf’s Moscow lawyers are packing their bags for an upcoming move to a new office.

Campbell: mate’s rate
Campbell: mate’s rate

And the firm is planning to go up in the world, to a brand-new ­luxury building called ­’Legend of Tsvetnoy’, which just happens to be owned by Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend Vladimir Doronin.

A TV ad for the development featured Campbell mooching around the apartments on the top floor of the building in suitably supermodel fashion. A nearby neighbour will be Madonna, or to be more precise Madonna’s gym company Hard Candy, which also opened up recently in Moscow.

It’s a far cry from Dewey’s current offices, where the neighbours are various state companies.

S&M: Saul & mother

Tulkinghorn is slightly aghast at how groovy senior lawyers are becoming, ­preferring Victor Silvester’s Ballroom Orchestra to the rave sounds enjoyed by most City partners. And chief among the hipsters is Slaughter and May senior partner Chris Saul, who spends his spare time attending all manner of ’gigs’.

However, this is nothing compared with his mum, who was recently ­accompanied by her son to a Rihanna concert.

Tulkinghorn fervently hopes she thought the songstress’s S&M was a paean to the firm’s ­corporate prowess.

Mouse clicks and hat tricks

Tempting prospective associates with freebies is a time-honoured tradition of job fairs, no ­matter which ­country you’re in.

One of the best spotted this year was a funky computer mouse from Davis Polk emblazoned with a picture of the Statue of Liberty. Apparently, if you click the ­navigation wheel twice, you get taken to the firm’s website. Tulkinghorn was unable to check as ­batteries are, unfortunately, not included.

Meanwhile, word reached Tulkinghorn from Moscow that Norton Rose trumped its rivals by offering graduates cosy ski hats embroidered with the firm logo – just right for those chilly Russian ­winters.


Back in the day a big part of the attraction of ­becoming a partner was a nice corner office and the lovely, warm, high-statusfeeling that came with it – but the times they are a-changin’, as some frizzy-haired hippy once whined.

And while some might have thought the likes of Addleshaw Goddard and Pinsent Masons going completely open-plan
was a groundshaker for the legal profession, at ­Manchester firm George Davies partners don’t even have their own desks.

The firm has ­implemented a ’warm desk’ policy whereby ­partners aren’t allowed to sit at the same desk two days running, making every day a game of ­musical chairs (obviously without the music – things haven’t progressed that far in the profession). Although at this rate ­Tulkinghorn is sure that the future of law offices will go the way of Google, with pool tables in the office, a slide instead of stairs and morale-boosting rock music played all the live long day.

Still, as long as it’s a nice bit of Bach and not that whiny hippy banging on about change that’s piping through the speakers,Tulkinghorn can live with it.