Lovells secures Govt BCCI statements

Lovells played a key role in stepping up pressure on the Government to disclose important evidence given by former ministers before the launch of the claim by BCCI's liquidators against the Bank of England

At a case management conference, Lovells, for the liquidators, convinced Mr Justice Tomlinson to make directions to the Government for early disclosure of the documents. They are those used by Lord Justice Bingham in his report on the collapse of BCCI. Two weeks ago, Lovells won a landmark case at the Court of Appeal for their disclosure.
The transcripts of evidence include statements made by John Major, Lord Healey, Lord Lamont and Lord Lawson, and documents produced by the Treasury, Customs & Excise, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Foreign Office, overseas regulators and prosecutors, and BCCI's auditors Price Waterhouse.
The Court of Appeal is unlikely to give reasons for its decision to allow disclosure until after the summer.