Why is Bar so behind times?

I attended the Bar Conference on Saturday, 28 September. As a law student, I was dismayed at what took place.

One female barrister suggested that the Bar should treat women equally and that changes be made to the selection procedure to ensure equality of opportunity. It was very disappointing to note the lack of applause. It has given me an insight into the Bar and how behind the times it is.

I was somewhat encouraged by the speech from shadow Lord Chancellor Lord Irvine of Lairg. He said he would like to see more women and ethnic minorities enter the profession.

I wonder what my prospects are. I am a woman from a visible ethnic minority and wear a scarf. I do not condone positive discrimination as suggested by Lord Justice Sir Christopher Rose. All that I ask is that, regardless of my gender, race and mode of dress, I be given an equal chance.

Azra Ali