The terms of British Gas's much-publicised Goldfish loyalty card, which gives its customers reductions on their gas bills, were hammered out by a team of lawyers from Simmons & Simmons.

Tax partner Stephen Coleclough said his team, which acted for HFC, the bank issuing the card, had to devise contracts that ensured “no one goes up to HFC with their card saying 'What about a reduction on my gas bill?' and no one goes up to British Gas saying 'you've got liability under the Consumer Credit Act'.”

British Gas and HFC have formed a joint venture company, Goldbrand Development, to manage the card, but British Gas remains responsible for giving reductions on gas bills and HFC retains responsibility for underwriting the card.

Corporate partner Jeffrey Keey led the Simmons & Simmons team with Coleclough and assistants Lisa Cristie, Kingsley Wallman and Jenny Block.

British Gas used its own lawyer, Chris Cornfield, on the deal.