Attack was unwarranted

In the absence of my chairman I would like to refer to Richard Hegarty's letter in The Lawyer (17 September).

It is clear that Mr Hegarty has learned much from watching Prime Minister's Question Time. He attacks our group and recounts the Law Society's lamentable attempts to support property selling instead of replying to the points raised. In simple terms this was that the Law Society, by imposing unreasonable and restrictive practice rules, had prevented solicitors from competing on equal terms with estate agents in the property selling market.

As our chairman stated at the group's conference this year: "It is quite clear that the culture of the Law Society has been so poisoned by its role as policeman of the profession that some of its functionaries look upon every solicitor as a potential transgressor whose professional life has to be regulated beyond what is required of the members of any other profession."

I have recently written to Mr Hegarty with a shopping list of practice rules which need to be changed in the interest of the profession. Instead of writing antagonistic letters to The Lawyer, I would invite him to meet us and enter a constructive discussion.

Leslie Dubow

Executive Officer

Solicitors Property Group.