Apology: Sheikh Abdullah Alhamrani

In an article in the issue of 22 February entitled ’Carry on in court’ about a complex trust case in Jersey by one of the ­Jersey advocates in Bedell Cristin instructed by the ­plaintiff beneficiaries, the nature of Sheikh Abdullah Alhamrani’s defence was not adequately conveyed.

The Lawyer and Bedell Cristin wish to make clear that Sheikh Abdullah vigorously rejected the allegations against him in the case, which recently settled on confidential terms.

In particular, The Lawyer and Bedell Cristin wish to record that Sheikh Abdullah was himself a beneficiary of the Trust and held a Power of Attorney granted by members of his family.

Contrary to the article, no case was pleaded against him for ’undue influence’.

The article further stated that when Sheikh Abdullah attended to give evidence he was promptly flown to the UK for ’undisclosed’ medical treatment, never to return. This was not accurate in that details of Sheikh Abdullah’s treatment were disclosed to both the court and the parties after he was flown to the UK. We accept that Sheikh Abdullah was too ill to continue with his trial evidence.

It was never our intention to convey the impression that Sheikh Abdullah wrongfully seized any Saudi companies. We accept that Sheikh Abdullah acquired control of the companies pursuant to a Saudi court order.

We also accept that the parties’ respective positions on disclosure issues in the case were not fairly reflected in the article.

The Lawyer and Bedell Cristin apologise to Sheikh Abdullah and are happy to set the record straight.