Treasure island

Tulkinghorn’s final column of the summer (21 August) detailed the boys with expensive toys. Yes, they were all boys, including the former Allen & Overy global head of business acceptance Mark Welling, who owns an island off the coast of Scotland.

Well, it transpires that it is in fact not only boys who like to indulge in a spot of serious real estate acquisition. Last Thursday (31 August), the following message dropped into Tulkinghorn’s inbox: “Earlier in August I took our five children out to visit the island I bought in Panama last year (which incidentally is in the group of islands where Survivor: Pearl Islands was filmed).”

The email was from Susan Singleton, head of Pinner-based niche competition and IP outfit Singletons.

Intrigued (and not a tiny bit envious), Tulkinghorn read on: “On my last visit in February, in the rainforest I came across a snake, the body of which was as large as my thigh, but it was not around on this visit. The greatest challenges were at 4.30am at Heathrow two days after the security alert facing an 18-hour series of flights. We survived and here is a photograph to prove it of my daughters with The Lawyer on our beach, who seemed to think they were more photogenic than their mother. Rachel, the blonde, starts the GDL [Graduate Diploma in Law] at BPP this autumn. Whether all five children will be lawyers and I can send them forth, like Rothschild, to interesting areas of the world, Panama and beyond, into which to expand my firm, remains to be seen.”

We always knew The Lawyer‘s appeal was global, but with Panama this truly is breaking new ground. If anyone can better Singleton, you know what to do.