4KBW-St Philips alliance sets the stage for merger

Birmingham giant St Philips Chambers and London-based civil and criminal set 4 King’s Bench Walk (4KBW) are forming an alliance that could be the precursor to a merger.

4KBW senior clerk Lee Cook said the set had a similar relationship with Three Fountain Court, which dissolved in July, providing St Philips with 20 full tenants and No5 Chambers with 17 barristers.

“It’s certainly going to be a closer working relationship with the Midlands and the South,” said Cook.

St Philips chief executive Jonathan Fox said the plan was for the two sets to collaborate on marketing and client service, with a focus on crime.

“Together we’re able to help one another,” said Fox.

The move coincides with 4KBW head of chambers Timothy Raggatt QC joining St Philips as a door tenant. Raggatt was previously a door tenant at Three Fountain Court.

St Philips is one of the largest sets in the country with around 160 tenants. 4KBW currently has 46 members. Both chambers do a mixture of criminal and civil work.