The eight regional development agencies

The East Midlands Development Agency is one of eight regional development agencies (RDAs) established under the Regional Development Agencies Act 1998.

The other seven are: South East Development Agency, One North East, North West Development Agency, South West of England Development Agency, East of England Development Agency, Yorkshire Forward and Advantage West Midlands.

Nabarro Nathanson acts exclusively for the South East Development Agency. Ward Hadaway is on a short-term contract with One North East. That contract will be due for a review in the future.

The North West Development Agency instructs Addleshaw Booth & Co, but not on an exclusive basis. South West of England Development Agency employs Bevan Ashford; other law firms are also on the panel.

Yorkshire Forward has contracts for general, corporate and commercial work with Eversheds and Hammond Suddards. A third firm is being invited to tender.

Property work is outsourced to Doncaster firm Foy & Co. Specialist work has been awarded to Addleshaw Booth & Co. Advantage West Midlands has contracts with Eversheds and Edge Ellison.