It's been a good week for…

1980s new romantics Spandau Ballet. Three Spandaus may face financial ruin after losing a court battle with songwriter Gary Kemp for a share of royalties worth u1m, but the band has found a new fan. Mr Justice Park, who presided over the case in the High Court, has been walking round his home whistling to the tunes Gold and True and told the court last week: "It's very good." That's consolation, then.

Viagra. Manufacturer Pfizer is to judicially review the Government over a department of health circular advising doctors not to prescribe the drug on the NHS.

The Family Law Consortium, which has been largely unsympathetic to the claims of its former client Lady Spencer the Earl of Spencer's erstwhile wife that her u1.8m divorce settlement was a paltry figure and she could have got an extra u1m had she ignored her solicitors' advice to have her divorce heard in South Africa and not the UK. The Consortium claimed its decision to settle the u2m claim for u275,000 last week was a "commercial" decision only and bore no relation to the merits of the claim.