Theodore Goddard sues Finital for £300K

Theodore Goddard is suing Italian financial services company Finital for nearly £300,000 in legal fees allegedly owed to it by its associated companies

The firm is claiming that the fees are for contentious work carried out for Profilati Italia, Alnor-Nuova Alluminio Nord, Commerciale Allum-inio Nord and Finleader between 1997 and 2001.

According to the High Court claim, Finital specifically asked Theodores to send it all the fee notes for this work. But a large number of the invoices are alleged to have remained unpaid, despite it making numerous written requests for the money.

In August 2001, Theodores wrote to Finital asking to be paid within a fortnight. The firm said it heard nothing, wrote again in February and again did not receive a reply.

Theodores is suing Finital for £289,000 but has also reserved the right to take legal action against the associated companies.

Theodores was unavailable for comment as The Lawyer went to press.