Separated at birth

If you've ever wondered what Capital FM's larger-than-life breakfast show host and the man with all the answers on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? gets up to in his spare time, look no further: multi-talented Chris Tarrant practises law at US firm Dorsey & Whitney. Tulkinghorn understands that Mr Tarrant joined the firm's corporate practice after spending 25 years at troubled Norwegian construction company Kvaerner. Poor Mr Tarrant, no wonder he was forced into a spot of moonlighting. Tulkinghorn was unable to get hold of Mr Tarrant to ask him how he copes with such a hectic schedule and was asked to phone his friend Jan Greve. This puzzled Tulkinghorn, who has never seen Mr Tarrant and Mr Greve in the same room. Consequently, Tulkinghorn asked the audience, who promptly confirmed the case of mistaken identity.