'Don't mess wid da firm'

The number of media lawyers forgetting the most basic rules they advise their clients on is, worryingly for Tulkinghorn, increasing. Just weeks after Farrers was forced to recall a newsletter after publishing details of the settlement in litigation involving The Cook Report and the News of the World, it transpires that Peter Carter-Ruck & Partners has also boobed.

Readers may recall that Naomi Campbell's High Court victory against the former assistant who sold stories about her to the tabloids was recently overturned in the Court of Appeal. But Carter-Ruck's summer newsletter – available on the internet, Tulkinghorn's young colleagues tell him – is still proudly trumpeting its client Campbell's original win.

Meanwhile, the Farrers saga has taken a bizarre turn. As reported in The Lawyer last week, Farrers is being sued by a lawyer and six producers who worked on The Cook Report for breach of confidence.

While on the telephone to one of Tulkinghorn's scribes just days ago, David Price, partner at his eponymous firm, which is acting against Farrers, chose to discuss the case in an Italian-American drawl instead of his usual received pronunciation. “We'll be initiating the claim [against Farrers] shortly,” he rasped in his best Don Corleone accent when telling the scribe about the case.

It turns out that Price was method acting in preparation for his role as a gangster in the upcoming play 12 Angry Men, which also features a host of other lawyers. Tulkinghorn only hopes Price doesn't take his Stanislavskian acting methods too far before the play is over. One basic rule for all lawyers is not to scare one's clients.