Litigation Disciplinary Tribunals 11/06/96

Peter Maxwell Durham, 39, admitted 1993, worked for a number of law firms, at one stage established his own practice in London N15 and latterly entered arrangement with the Luper Partnership, London NW1, struck off and ordered to pay £3,680 costs. Allegations substantiated he practised without supervision by a solicitor holding a practising certificate, failed to deliver accountant's report as required by rules, failed to produce books of account, failed to keep properly written books of accounts, provided misleading information to Solicitors Complaints Bureau, made claims for costs on Legal Aid Fund which he knew or should have known could not be justified and failed to reply to letters from Solicitors Complaints Bureau. Tribunal said no fraud involved but picture demonstrated respondent had cavalier disregard for rules of profession. An appeal has been lodged.

Michael Hugh Vaughan, 44, admitted 1975, practised at material times as Vaughan & Co, Hamble, Southampton, fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £952 costs. Allegations substantiated he wrongly drew money from client account and used it for benefit of clients not entitled to it. Tribunal felt able to adopt lenient approach but warned that careful, meticulous and accurate recording of financial transactions made on behalf of clients could not be over-stressed.

Graham Pulford, 55, admitted 1970, practising at material times as G Pulford & Co, Faversham, Kent, struck off and ordered to pay £4,464 costs. Allegations substantiated he drew client money in breach of rules, practised without current practising certificate, failed to maintain properly written books of account, made a false statement in application for practising certificate, wrongly used client money for own purposes. Tribunal told that as a result of Pulford's activities, the Law Society Compensation Fund faced 16 claims totalling over £93,000. Tribunal said Pulford had behaved "recklessly and dishonestly".

Andrew Gordon Haywood, conveyancing clerk at material times with Tustain Jones & Co, Nuneaton, banned from working for any further solicitors without written consent of Law Society. Allegations substantiated that he misappropriated substantial sums of client money for his own use. He had admitted improper withdrawals from client account totalling more than £109,000.