Separated at birth

Occasionally Mrs Tulkinghorn is unable to sleep – she claims it's something to do with the sound of a wild boar emanating from alongside her, but Tulkinghorn has checked and checked again for traces of said creature in the garden, and there are none.
When this happens, she has developed a penchant for a certain US talkshow host – a Mr Jerry Springer – whose shows are even more scandalous than the average chambers' Christmas party. Just last week, the shows included 'Clash of the Cross-Dressers', 'Secret Family Disasters' and 'Sexy Love Triangles'. So Tulkinghorn was most bemused to find out that the godfather of tabloid television is now seemingly dabbling in personal injury law at Exchange Chambers in Liverpool under the pseudonym Bill Braithwaite QC. Perhaps this is to defend himself from claims of post-traumatic stress disorder emanating from guests who find out that their husband is a horse, their girlfriend is actually their mother or their best friend has sold them to the white slave trade.