Sackers in senior partner compromise

Boutique pensions firm Sacker & Partners has named not one but two senior partners to replace Jonathan Seres, who steps down at the end of March to return to fee-earning work

Mark Greenlees, who was articled to founding partner Harry Sacker, will become senior partner on 1 April 2002, while Ian Pittaway will take over the role in 2005.
Sackers has 20 partnes and boasts large occupational pension schemes among its clients. Until 1990, it was a generalist practice but then began to focus on pensions. In 1996 the firm strengthened its pensions capability when it took on Nicholson Graham & Jones's eight-strong pensions team, headed up by Pittaway.
Naming two senior partners is believed to be a move to unite the two wings of the firm. “We wanted to make it clear that there's no preference of me over him,” said Greenlees.
The decision came by way of a partner discussion, but Greenlees said there may be a vote in six years time.