Knife-wielding mugger was Law Soc archivist

A former Law Society employee has been sent to prison for four and a half years for carrying out knifepoint robberies at Brixton station

Darryl Adegoke, who worked at the society's archive centre in Bermondsey, East London between July and November 2001, was sentenced for the offences at Southwark Crown Court last week. He had multiple previous convictions for robbery, but had not disclosed them to the Law Society.
Adegoke, who is now 27, was released from a five-year prison term for robbery, attempted robbery and wounding just 11 months prior to his November arrest. He also had juvenile convictions for robbery and attempted robbery.
“He didn't disclose his previous record to us. We do have a question on our application forms about criminal convictions, but we don't routinely check the answers on this,” a Law Society spokesperson revealed.
Adegoke, who pleaded guilty to the charges in court, was arrested on four charges of robbery between 1 November and 15 November 2001 at Peckham Rye station. He carried out the robberies in Brixton to support his crack cocaine habit, it was said in court.
The Law Society dismissed Adegoke shortly after his arrest on 26 November 2001, but was unaware that the arrest had taken place.