It's just not ticket, old man

News reaches Tulkinghorn of a rumoured parting shot from a disgruntled Pinsent Curtis Biddle lawyer. He is sure it cannot possibly be true, given how gentlemanly all the Pinsents lawyers are, but here goes: when the unnamed chap was leaving the firm he told a fellow partner he had some tickets to a rugby international that following weekend, which he had booked to entertain clients. Due to him leaving the firm, the lawyer obviously could not use them and so offered them to his colleague, giving the name of the man from whom to collect the tickets at the stadium. Very pleased with himself, the colleague invited his treasured client along and sought out the man “with the tickets” – who turned out to be a tout who didn't have any tickets after all. So the colleague and client had to join the rest of Joe Public – and watched the match down the pub.