Bristows enters the Pleasuredome

Traditional equity partnership Bristows revealed its funky side last week when IP partner Brian Cordery scored a trademark win for 1980s pop icons Frankie Goes to -Hollywood. The case gave Cordery a chance to dust off his old –Welcome to the Pleasuredome records and Frankie posters.

His case reading included ex-lead singer Holly Johnson’s lurid autobiography, which beats contracts any day.

Cordery was charged with spotting the difference between the account Johnson told of his time in the band in court and that described in his 1994 autobiography. He concluded that Johnson’s memory of his band life was fresher 13 years ago. But then you could say that about most people.

Cordery was not the only one celebrating at the firm. Thirteen years ago Teresa Edmunds was a seven year-qualified associate at the firm, but a few weeks ago she finally made it into the equity after waiting patiently for 20 years. Frankie Goes to Hollywood was still in the charts then.

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