Barclays calls for ‘balanced scorecard’ in recruitment

Barclays Bank has lowered its academic entrance level for its in-house legal team as part of the bank’s diversity strategy.

General counsel at Barclaycard Mark Edwards, who chairs Barclays Bank’s equality and diversity committee, has called for a more rounded examination of applicants’ skills.

Edwards said: “We’re not so focused on 2:1s, but we’re moving towards a balanced scorecard. It shouldn’t be the overriding weight on somebody’s success on application.”

While academic achievement is considered by the bank, it does not mean instant success for a potential recruit.

“Plenty of people have 2:1s and aren’t successful. Winners aren’t always academically gifted,” he said.

The bank operates a scorecard system documenting a candidate’s skills in areas including vision and direction, communication skills, professional culture and innovation.

Edwards said: “Senior members of staff will meet with candidates and then we discuss where their attributes lie. They may score high with communication skills, but not so high academically. This doesn’t mean they will not be considered.”