Shearmans Paris head takes worldwide helm

`Deputy managing partner of the Paris office Robert Treuhold has been appointed to the role by the newly-elected senior partner of the firm David Heleniak. Heleniak was elected to his post last month (The Lawyer, 17 April) and has the power to put in place a new executive group. There are no elections for Treuhold’s role.`Current managing partner Whitney Pidot has been in his post for three years under former senior partner Stephen Volk and will remain on the executive. The executive will expand from four members to five, with Pidot taking up a new role with responsibility for personnel.`Heleniak was elected to his post on the back of his agenda to continue the pace of the globalisation of the firm.`Managing partner of the English law practice Kenneth MacRitchie said: “The announcement of Treuhold was very much couched in terms of ‘this is a guy who has been in Asia with the firm, he’s been in Europe with the firm, so he knows the firm internationally and so he’s got the right background to be managing partner’. It’s a very interesting message for the firm that the way forward for senior management is to get international.”`Treuhold is US qualified and is also an avocat at the Paris Bar, having been based in Paris since 1990. Before that he spent time in New York, Abu Dhabi and London.`He is rated as one of the leading capital markets lawyers in Paris, having worked on French privatisations including France Telecom, Air France and Crédit Lyonnais, and Italian privatisations including Enel and Banca di Roma.`MacRitchie said: “He’s been in Paris a long time and he’s probably the leading US corporate finance partner in France. He’s built up a very big reputation in Paris, which will be a loss.”`Treuhold will divide his time between the New York and Paris offices, and both he and Heleniak are committed to continuing to work with clients.`The addition of a fifth role to the executive group is to address personnel issues as the firm expands. The executive now includes Treuhold, Heleniak, Pidot, German head Georg Thoma and director of administration Clinton Kendrick.`MacRitchie said: “The tradition is that the whole team changes, but in fact Whitney Pidot is going to stay on the executive group and get involved in personnel issues such as integration.`”The whole firm is working in an environment where we’re getting more international and getting more and more laterals, not just internationally but in New York as well.”`Treuhold was unavailable for comment.