Osborne Clarke in supermodel sweep

Osborne Clarke scored a PR coup in Germany last week when its Cologne managing partner received a phone call from a supermodel in front of 16 million people.

`Heidi Klum appeared in a celebrity version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Wer Will Ein Millionär Sein) in which stars competed to win money for selected charities. Klum had chosen a charity for disabled children and had already reached DM125,000 (£38,180) when she had to answer the following question: In 1851 Queen Victoria founded a sporting cup. Was it a) the Ryder Cup, b) the Uefa Cup, c) the America’s Cup, or d) the Davis Cup?`Unsure of the answer, Klum used the option of phone-a-friend – her lawyer Stefan Rizor of Osborne Clarke OWA. He picked the America’s Cup but Klum, still uncertain, decided to go 50/50. She then decided to stick on DM125,000, still managing to beat the other celebrities in the process. Had she followed Rizor’s prompting, she would have doubled the money.`Rizor, who has been bombarded with calls since the programme was aired last week, claimed: “She’s followed my advice on every other occasion.”`Asked whether the supermodel formed part of Osborne Clarke’s global vision, managing partner Leslie Perrin replied: “Heidi Klum is what it’s all about.”`Heidi Klum will open the firm’s new Cologne office this August. Rizor confirmed that he expects a large turnout.