Blake Lapthorn litigation head leaves practice

Blake Lapthorn’s head of litigation has quit his post in Taunton.

`David Higham is not leaving the law altogether, but will stay on at the firm as head of professional development and research. Higham, who has taught advanced litigation at Nottingham Law School for a year, will be in charge of training solicitors at Blake Lapthorn.`He said: “What I’ll miss the least about litigation is working with those litigators who cannot seem to grasp the central point of a case. My new position will allow me to teach our litigators to do the job properly.”`Higham will also train Blake Lapthorn’s support staff and organise the knowledge management at the firm. He will be in charge of a team of three research and development staff who are all non-solicitors.`This is Higham’s second career change. Before qualifying as a solicitor in 1979 he was a submariner in the British Navy.