Asim chairman comes from Clarke Willmott

Peter Nellist, partner and head of the private client department at Clarke Willmott & Clarke, has been made chairman of the Association of Solicitor Investment Managers (Asim).

`The association exists to help firms give investment advice. Nellist is only the second solicitor to be elected chairman of the board.`”I was not expecting to be nominated,” said Nellist. “We usually appoint career investment managers as chairmen as they know a lot more about investment than we do. But I think my appointment will send out a good message to my fellow solicitors and inspire more of them to take proper investment management training.”`Asim has also just elected Heather Martin, formerly secretary of the association, as its first ever chief executive. She is the only salaried member of the board.`Peter Nellist will continue to provide his services on a voluntary basis.