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The Lawyer‘s Web Week is a weekly commentary on legal activity on the web. This includes an overview of the best of the week’s blogs. If you want to direct us to useful links, email webweek@ thelawyer. com.

Divorce counsellor

Anyone who has experienced divorce will know how tough it can be – just ask Paul and Heather.

In the current climate of McCartney-induced divorce frenzy, Diane Benussi could not have chosen a better time to launch her blog , which she believes is the first blog in the UK from a divorce lawyer.

Check www.dianebenussi. co.uk for advice on “dismantling a marriage” because, as Benussi points out, “however long or short, [divorce] is not easy”.

Apparently, Diane’s blog is “designed to provide mutual support as well as practical information and advice from someone who has seen most scenarios over 25 years as a divorce lawyer and is divorced herself”.

Sounds like a life well-lived.

It gets cheery too: “Her blog focuses on the ‘real’ stuff of divorce – disappointment, rejection, heartbreak, as well as the quest for a better, happier life.”

But with headlines such as ‘How NOT to get divorced after Christmas’, ‘Revenge is a dish best not served at all’ and ‘Snuggling down in the centre of the bed’, Web Week reckons it’s worth a read.

Read ’em and weep

Blawglord Robert Ambrogi (www.legaline.com/ lawsites.html) held a poll to find the best blawgs last week. While he was slightly disappointed with the response, the results are worth checking out:

Slaw (www.slaw.ca) “Best Canadian collaborative blawg!””Canadian legal research and technology blog. Prolific posts from some of the top legal research minds in Canada. **note I am a contributor to Slaw, but I would still be reading it every day even if I wasn’t!””Slaw is a co-operative weblog about Canadian legal research and the impact of technology on it.”
“Law, research, tech, software, and whimsy.”
“Cannot miss it every week.”
“The beauty of this blog is the diversity of opinion – many contributors give multiple perspectives on law and legal research.”
“A great site!””Completely dominates the landscape up here, and I think is usefully read elsewhere.”

Quiz Law (www.quizlaw.com)”Best. Law Blog. Evah! The daily memo is a great summary of what’s what. I always look forward to the entry titles and the picture they choose to tie to the entry… always top drawer…””Quizlaw has really easy and fun-to-read legal commentary, written in an amusing style. There are multiple new posts every weekday. It’s a really great site.”
“As a 2L, I’m far enough into law school to no longer be the bright-eyed student I once was, but also far enough away from graduation to feel like it’s never going to end. QuizLaw is my daily shot in the arm that reminds me that I do have a career to look forward to.”
“This is the funniest law blog I’ve ever read. It makes reading the law stuff more interesting. A close second is Corporate Crime Reporter.”
“They define snarky.”

Patent Baristas (www.patent baristas.com)”Top US patent law website. Timely case law reviews are best available.”
Patently-O (www.patentlyo.com)”It’s neck-and-neck with patentbaristas.com.”
Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites (www.legaline.com/lawsites.html)”Best Coverage of the blawging and online legal community.”
“Robert is on the case!”Its’ nice that Ambrogi got a little mention at the end there.

Minority reports

And it’s not often Web Week will advocate a visit to the Law Society’s website, but check the online poll at www.lawsociety. org.uk/survey.law?poll=mlc! consultation if you want a say in the agenda of the Law Society’s Minority Lawyers Conference next April.