The missing link

How to put the wind up your partners in one sentence, lesson six. Last Wednesday (29 November) Tulkinghorn had the pleasure of having lunch with a posse of lawyers from technology boffins Kemp Little.

Heading the bunch was founding partner Richard Kemp, who was more than happy to open up to Tulkinghorn about his firm’s recent Alan Hodgart-inspired review.

The wide-ranging overhaul featured a review of the equity structure, the introduction of quarterly performance-related reviews and a firmwide bonus, as well as the hire of more support staff, including the firm’s first finance director, HR pro and a business development bod etc etc.

“And where does this leave you Richard,” asked Tulkinghorn politely. “Are you planning to retire in the near future?””I’m aiming to go on until I’m 70,” said Kemp. Perhaps Hodgart forgot about succession planning?