Star unstruck

News reached Tulkinghorn last week of the exploits of Any Swing Goes, one of the increasingly numerous legal market bands that are doing the rounds. This one features a Slaughters partner, so in its case ‘doing the rounds’ means Claridge’s ballroom rather than the Bull & Gate.

The band features Slaughters corporate partner Jeff Triggs and Sita in-house lawyer John Taylor on trombone, Jeremy Robinson from Bird & Bird on trumpet and Thom Wilkinson from Reed Smith and David Fairfield from Rosenblatts on sax. Not to mention musical director Glenn Dunn from Forsters.

A pedigree indeed, although not, it transpires, when it comes to recognising artists from other branches of the entertainment industry.

The band, playing at the luxury hotel following the premiere of the new Bobby Kennedy biopic, was merrily parping away when a smooth American sidled up to Dunn and asked whether he could sing Come Fly With Me with the band.

“His manner seemed to suggest he knew what he was doing,” said Dunn, who graciously allowed him to share the stage. It was only when the rapturous applause rang out that someone whispered to Dunn that their guest singer was, in fact, movie star Christian Slater.

“I surmised he was important, but really didn’t know who he was,” said Dunn, in perfectly lawyerly and truly understated fashion.