CEO or no for Littleton?

Littleton Chambers is looking for a new chief executive. So far, so dull. However, the twist in the tale is that the incumbent, David Douglas, hasn’t actually resigned yet.

A year ago, Douglas turned up at Littleton’s annual general meeting with a proposal. He suggested that the set started to look for someone to replace him as he would turn 60 in May 2007 and might want to make tracks after 16 years in the job. Littleton’s members approved the idea, and Douglas began to succession-plan in earnest.

Efforts to find a replacement continued when heads of chambers Andrew Clarke QC and Clive Freedman QC took over from the departing Michel Kallipetis QC in July this year. The set reports that the recruitment process is now well advanced, but Douglas still doesn’t know when he’ll be off. That will depend on finding the right person, and when they might be able to start.

So, in other words, come May 2007, Douglas might be off. Or he might not. Glad we got that cleared up.