CPR credited with decrease in QBD claims

A recent study undertaken by magic circle firm Linklaters & Alliance has revealed that the Queen’s Bench Division has witnessed a dramatic fall in the number of claims issued during 1999.

Waiting times have been reduced by 2 per cent, but this small improvement has not helped to stem the decline. Claims and originating summons fell by 37 per cent to 72,161.

This fall has been credited to the introduction of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), which came into effect on April 26 1999, but there are no signs of it levelling off.

Claims for sums of higher values show a marked increase, with 47 per cent of all claims being for sums over £50,000.

Last year, the majority of court judgments related to personal injury. The figures also reveal that the number of cases that are either settled, struck out or withdrawn fell by 19 per cent to 3,530.