Things to come

The Business Section of the IBA has raised £250,000 to mark its 25th anniversary.

It set up an anniversary fund which will be used to support initiatives around the world to further the rule of law, the establishment of an independent legal profession and the practice of business law in emerging democracies.

The fund backs up other initiatives introduced by the IBA, which has a continuous programme of assisting Bars in developing countries and promoting and protecting human rights and the right of the lawyer to practise without interference.

In July, a human rights workshop was held in Kampala while a mission was sent to Japan in February against the “daiyo Kanoku” system of police custody employed in Japan.

The IBA also continues to expand its twinning programme following the establishment of the twinning committee at Melbourne last year.

Soon to benefit from twinning arrangements are the Law Faculty of Glasgow with the Law Faculty of Lesotho, and there are also plans afoot to exchange students and publications.

Meanwhile, IBA president Ross Harper declared 1995 the IBA Year of Africa, with events planned in Nigeria and Swaziland.

In November a conference will be held in Johannesburg when President Nelson Mandela will deliver a lecture to mark the 25th Anniversary entitled The rule of law:cornerstone of economic progress.

The IBA will also host another meeting for Bar leaders in Johannesburg where the leaders of the African Bars will meet to discuss issues such as the independence of the judiciary.

November will also see a regional conference in Bombay on business opportunities in India and Asia as well as a seminar in Geneva on corruption and in Vienna on European environmental law.

So far, 1995 has seen considerable activity with IBA membership standing at over 17,000 and and 157 Bar associations and Law Societies as members.

The business section is the largest of the association's three sections with over 12,800 members spread throughout 163 countries.

Seminars have so far been held in Denver, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Bermuda, Milan, Washington, Brussels and Paris.

Regional conferences have been staged in Hong Kong and Lagos and the Section on General Practice's biennial meeting held in Edinburgh in June, was attended by around 500 lawyers.

The Business Law Section has also assisted its members in looking at the globalisation of legal practice with a series of high-level one day workshops held in Amsterdam, London, New York and Singapore.

Next year's events include the first Latin American Regional Conference which will be held in Mexico City in March, a five-day seminar presented by the Section on Energy and Natural Resources Law in Prague, a Criminal Law Seminar in Dublin and the next IBA conference to be staged in Berlin in October.