Litigation Personal Injury 12/09/95

Thorley v Lewis – QBD 12 June 199Claimant: Peter Thorley, 38, fireman – suing on behalf of himself.

Accident: Fire engine in which he was travelling crashed on way to hoax emergency call on 9 July 1990. Driver killed.

Injuries: Severe leg injuries which have left him unable to crouch or bend knees properly and rendered it impossible for him to return to work as fireman.

Effects: Loss of ability to continue working as fireman and general reduction of job prospects.

Award: Agreed total damages of £200,000.

Solicitors: Brian Thomson & Partners (for plaintiff)

Ryan v British Midland Airways and ors – QBD 9 June 199Claimant: Michael Ryan, 41, widower. Suing on behalf of himself and late wife's children aged 23, 21, 19, 15.

Accident: Kegworth air crash at West Midland Airport 8 January 1989.

Injuries: Fatal

Effects: Loss of life, loss of wife, loss of motherly love.

Award: Total £338,000; £271,011 for husband and agreement that sons should receive £16,938 each.

Solicitors: David Burcher & Co, London NW2 (for plaintiff)

Braddy v Lauchlan & Others – QBD 20 June 199Claimant: Martin Braddy, 33

Accident: Plaintiff hit in eye by metal 'strap' which sprung up and hit him while he was at work.

Injuries: Severe damage to eye tissue.

Award: £16,000

Judge: Judge David Smith

sitting as High Court judge.

Solicitors: Messrs Metcalfe & Co

Holland v Smith – QBD 23 June 199Claimant: Bernard Holland

Accident: Motor cycle accident

Injuries: Plaintiff received

severe multiple injuries to head, arm, leg and he remains significantly disabled

Award: £219,241 settlement

Judge: Mr Justice May

Solicitors: McGrath & Co, London.