Transport for London’s legal chief quits after Tube transfer

Transport for London has been left without a legal chief following the unexpected resignation of the agency’s general counsel Gareth Davies.
Davies, who was formerly head of PFI at KLegal, joined Transport for London last autumn. It is understood that he has now left for personal reasons.
A spokesperson for Trans-port for London confirmed Davies’ resignation and said that it was always his plan to leave the Greater London Authority Agency after London Underground was transferred to it.
London Underground transferred from the control of the Secretary of State for Transport to the control of Ken Livingstone and Transport for London on 15 July. After the transfer, London Underground’s legal function was split into two, resulting in 48 out of the 85 staff transferring to Transport for London.
London Underground is also searching for a new head of legal after its legal director and company secretary Frances Low quit to join the Law Society as legal director.
Before joining KLegal, Davies was a partner at Simmons & Simmons where he made his name in the PFI field advising Railtrack.