There were high japes down under as the lead prosecutors in a headline-making sex offences trial made the news themselves.
Tulkinghorn is given to understand that the lawyers entered the spotlight when they swapped cross-examining for cross-dressing on a boat trip from Pitcairn Island, the site of the trial. Apparently the team of three – prosecutor Simon Moore, his assistant Christine Gordon and magistrate Gray Cameron – opted for fake breasts and tinsel wigs to join in what they called a shipboard “ritual”. They claim the captain invited them to take part and it would have been “rude” to refuse.
“In the spirit of that moment, and clearly viewing it as the ritual it appeared to be, we put the wigs and plastic breasts on for a brief period of time,” Moore told the local press. Tulkinghorn can only applaud their commendable efforts to uphold the tradition of good manners in the legal profession.