Vote Sycamore, says chair

Senior partners of City firms and their staff have been urged to vote for Phillip Sycamore as Law Society president by City of London Law Society chair Anthony Pugh-Thomas.

In a letter to all senior City partners, Pugh-Thomas recommends Sycamore over his rival Martin Mears, who he infers has damaged the profession's public standing.

“I appreciate that you may regard it as inappropriate to encourage your staff to vote in any particular way, but I do hope you will urge them to vote,” writes Pugh-Thomas.

The letter was sent out before minutes were leaked showing that Sycamore's team had considered a so-called “dirty tricks” campaign against Mears. But Pugh-Thomas said the affair had not altered his opinion of the Law Society vice-president.

He said he was satisfied with Sycamore's explanation that none of the suggestions in the minutes, produced by his campaign manager Simon Baker, had been carried out.

However, he admitted the issue might persuade City lawyers that neither Syca-more nor Mears deserved their vote.

He said he fervently hoped this would not happen. The City vote promises to be key to Sycamore's success or failure in the election, as the majority of Mears' support comes from the High Street.