IT guru shares her 'nuggets' of wisdom with legal profession

Bibi Berki reports

AN IT consultant to law firms has launched a series of information packs aimed at answering questions about technology and computerisation.

Delia Venables, the author of The Guide to the Internet for Lawyers, says her "nuggets" explain specific aspects of law office computing and offer advice for small-to-medium-sized practices.

There are nine nuggets available in the series, ranging from WordPerfect versus Microsoft Word through to Voice Recognition, and each contains between three and four pages of information.

Venables says the idea for the information packs arose out of the questions she encountered in her day-to-day consultancy work.

"I found many of the same topics – such as: How easy is it to implement a case management system? Can you upgrade a DOS network to Windows? Why does my supplier provide such a bad service? – cropping up time and time again in my work," she explains.

The nuggets are also available on Venables' Internet site. She can be reached on 01273 472424 or via email at: delia