LONDON firm Hickman & Rose has installed the latest DPS case management system.

Every fee earner at the firm, which recently expanded its premises, now has access to version 8 of DPS for Windows. It replaces version 4 of the system, used by the practice for the past six years.

The firm's manager, Graham Day, said the new system had improved password security and allowed different people to access different parts of the programme. A further advantage was that the system ran faster.

Other improvements include the ability to fax directly from PCs, and to scan incoming documents and add them to an existing file.

"Previously, the lawyer could only have outgoing documents on his or her file, but now they can have the full case history in front of them, on their screen," said Day.

According to Day, the updated system suits Hickman & Rose because it is "flexible". He explained that because the menu structure could be changed the system could be modified to the firm's requirements.

Hickman & Rose, a two-partner firm, also hopes to buy a voice recognition system.