Give a damn and vote

I know other solicitors will be equally outraged to find that the Sycamore Support Group had considered "manipulating" council meetings to control the debate of bad news issues.

It matters not that this was not adopted as Sycamore's tactics to defeat the then Mears/ Sayer election ticket. What does matter is that the group was even prepared to discuss misleading the profession. When will these people learn that their job is to represent the profession, not to mislead it.

Until this happened I intended to vote for the Syc-amore/Mathews/Sayer ticket purely because of my high personal regard for Bob Sayer, who has worked tirelessly in promoting the interests of the profession. I now realise the only candidates worthy of our votes are Martin Mears (and David Keating) and Robert Sayer, who have already demonstrated their unswerving support for and loyalty to the profession. Contrast this with the near "invisibility" of Sycamore and Mathews who have done nothing of direct benefit for the profession.

You probably hadn't intended to vote; but vote now for Mears/Keating and Robert Sayer. Show your contempt for those council members who couldn't give a damn about our interests. Your vote will make a difference. Together let's produce a Mears/Keating/Sayer landslide victory.

John Edge

Edge Leyden & Ellis.