Request on agents rights

The 13 September issue refers to a survey of the effect of the new UK commercial agency law, showing that already agents are enforcing their new rights, particularly to compensation.

The compensatory damages provisions of the regulations do not make clear how much compensation an agent might claim for lost commission where a contract is terminated on proper notice, nor do the recent DTI Guidelines on the Regulations (September 1994).

This is because it is for the courts to decide. If any readers have knowledge of cases being litigated I would be interested to hear (te1: 081-864 0835).

My firm has settled four cases so far, most at between three and six months' commission as compensation.

In no case have any of the parties involved wished, nor been forced, to litigate.

E S Singleton (Mrs), Singletons, Eagle House, 67 Brooke Avenue, Harrow HA2 OND