Hoddinott takes over helm at IBA

THE International Bar Association has appointed former British naval attachC Paul Hoddinott OBE as its next executive director.

Hoddinott emerged from a shortlist of seven candidates who each faced a grilling at the hands of a panel of seven top IBA officials. He takes over from Madeleine May on 1 January, 1995. May has held the post since 1979.

He says: “I am very excited at the prospect of coming to the IBA. Under Madeleine May's long tenure as executive director, the association has expanded dramatically.

“I shall work hard to ensure the IBA continues to be a thriving and growing organisation.”

Hoddinott has no direct legal experience and is not legally-qualified. IBA spokeswoman Lorna Macleod says although May is legally qualified: “The brief to the selection committee said the new man did not necessarily have to be a lawyer.”

Hoddinott was British naval attachC to Washington DC, with extra responsibilities at the United Nations, from 1990 until he retired this year.

May says: “My chief memories of my 15 years are happy ones. I can't remember anyone saying no to a new idea.”

There were 201 applicants for the post, from 23 countries.