United states

The annual Association of Corporate Counsel Conference was held in Washington DC the other week, but delegates could be forgiven for thinking they had landed at some weird legal Olympics.

Eversheds was one of the ‘gold level’ sponsors of the event. According to the website, this means the firm shelled out a chunky $25,000 (£14,100) for perks such as an exhibition booth. Money Tulkinghorn is sure was well spent.

The firm sent around 22 lawyers and there was no mistaking which firm they had come from. For Eversheds had also splashed out on a natty blue-and-white uniform in which to clothe their clones.

Men wore shirts emblazoned with the Eversheds logo on the breast pocket, while the ladies sported white blouses and that most up-to-date of fashion trends, pashminas in Eversheds’ blue. The gang also had firm fleeces – useable for this year only, thanks to the ‘Eversheds 2005’ embroidery down the sleeve.

So even if the £25K doesn’t genrate any work, at least the lawyers have got a new wardrobe.